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Bachelor of Arts
(Speech Communication)

The BA (Speech Communication) program aims to develop knowledge and competence in understanding the study of human interaction and its use of verbal and nonverbal symbols that impact different communicative phenomena. To date, we offer two tracks: Rhetoric & Performance and Interpersonal & Instructional Communication. 

Graduates of this program are expected to demonstrate a high level of scholarship, critical thinking, creative expression, social responsiveness, and ethics in various professional settings including  education and training, public relations, government institutions, non-government organizations, and other communication-related industries.


Admission Requirements

For applicants whose citizenship is Filipino, please click here.

For foreign citizens, please click here.

For more information regarding the University of the Philippines College Admissions Test or UPCAT, please click here.

For Shiftee and Transferee applicants, please click here.

Program Checklist

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts (Speech Communication) program must complete a total of 132 units. The program has two areas of concentration: (1) rhetoric and performance; and (2) interpersonal and instructional communication. 

Download the program checklists here.  

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