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Research and Creative Work

DSCTA Research and Creative Work Agenda

The DSCTA is internationally known for its faculty members’ diverse range of creative and cultural roles in the community. The Department encourages its faculty members to expand themselves and their worlds. By engaging with diverse cultural environments and being current in their disciplines, the DSCTA faculty members create deep and genuine connections that empower them to respond to the current issues of the time.

In constructing the Research and Creative Work Agenda, the DSCTA is guided by the teacher-artist-scholar framework where the research and creative works of its faculty members inform their teaching and vice versa.

The Department has a three-point research and creative work agenda in the next three academic years (AY 2021 - 2022 to AY 2023 - 2024): (1) Tradition, Community. Heritage; (2) Innovations in Speech, Theatre, and Performance; (3) Dramaturgy, Adaptation, Collaboration. 

Tradition, Community, Heritage

• Traditional theatre forms in the Philippines
• Studies in cultural performances
• Folklore as performance
• Oral traditions and cultures
• Rituals and festivals as theatrical events
• Heritage discourse in theatre and performance
• Cultural memory
• Figures and figurations in traditional and community performances
• Theatre, performance and speech communication in non-conventional settings

Innovations in Speech, Theatre, and Performance

• Performance research and creative works in the theatre and speech communication with the intention of contributing to the understanding
of the contemporary
• The local and the global or the postcolonial and the global in theatre, performance and speech communication research and praxis
• Theatre, performance, speech communication and the question of the nation in the contemporary
• Globalization as related to theatre, performance and speech communication practice and research
• Migration narratives in performance and speech communication
• Rhetoric and the public sphere
• Politics of the contemporary in theatre and speech communication
• Practice-led-research/Performance-as-Research
• Figures of the contemporary in the theatre, performance and speech communication
• New and emergent performance forms (multi-media/digital performance, online festival, digital performance)
• Digital and computer-mediated communication
• Gender communication and gender policy
• Oral communication
• Instructional communication and speech pedagogy

Dramaturgy, Adaptation, Collaboration

• Asian Shakespeare/Shakespeare in Asia
• Recontextualizing and recasting world theatre and other performance events in the local
• Dramaturgical methods in performance research and practice
• Dramaturgical curation and museum theatre
• Reimagining intercultural theatre, performance and communication
• Devise as method in collaborative theatre and performance

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